TORONTO, ON (March 2, 2024) – The Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) has announced a series of roster updates ahead of today’s games.

Montréal has signed forward Alexandra Poznikoff, a member of the team’s Reserve Player list, to a full Standard Player Agreement. The team has also signed forward Mélodie Daoust from their Reserve Player list, to a 10-Day contract. In a corresponding roster move, Montréal has placed forward Kennedy Marchment on Long Term Injured Reserve.

Also announced today, Ottawa has placed forward Kristin Della Rovere on LTIR.

PWHL Transactions Summary:

Dec. 31 – Lauren MacInnis (Ottawa, Reserve) – Replacing Taylor Davison.
Dec. 31 – Samantha Ridgewell (Ottawa, Reserve) – Replacing Malia Schneider.
Jan. 10 – Catherine Dubois (Montréal, 10-Day SPA)
Jan. 14 – Alexa Gruschow (New York, 1-Year SPA) – Jill Saulnier LTIR.
Jan. 24 – Abby Boreen (Minnesota, 10-Day SPA) – Amanda Leveille LTIR.
Jan. 27 – Catherine Dubois (Montréal, 10-Day SPA)
Jan. 31 – Emma Buckles (Ottawa, 1-Year SPA) – Tori Howran released.
Feb. 1 – Victoria Bach (Toronto, 2-Year SPA)
Feb. 1 – Jess Jones (Toronto, Reserve)
Feb. 11 – Abby Cook (Boston, Trade via Minnesota)
Feb. 11 – Susanna Tapani (Boston, Trade via Minnesota)
Feb. 11 – Sophie Jaques (Minnesota, Trade via Boston)
Feb. 14 – Lauren Bench (Minnesota, 1-Year SPA)
Feb. 14 – Nicole Kosta (Boston, Reserve)
Feb. 16 – Alexa Gruschow (New York, Reserve) – Jill Saulnier activated from LTIR.
Feb. 16 – Samantha Isbell (Boston, 10-Day SPA)
Feb. 18 – Catherine Dubois (Montréal, 1-Year SPA) – Dominika Lásková LTIR.
Feb. 18 – Rosalie Demers (Ottawa, 1-Year SPA) – Mikyla Grant-Mentis released.
Feb. 25 – Abby Boreen (Minnesota, 10-Day SPA) – Taylor Heise LTIR.
Mar. 2 – Alexandra Poznikoff (Montréal, 1-Year SPA) – Kennedy Marchment LTIR
Mar. 2 – Mélodie Daoust (Montréal, 10-Day SPA)
Mar. 2 – Kristin Della Rovere (Ottawa, LTIR)

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