TORONTO, ON (March 20, 2024) – The Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) has announced a series of roster updates following Tuesday’s roster freeze.

Boston has signed forwards Kelly Babstock and Caitrin Lonergan to Reserve Player contracts and Nicole Kosta to a 10-Day Standard Player Agreement. Babstock, a 31-year-old from Mississauga, ON, joins the team after spending part of the 2023-24 season playing in the SWHL A for Ladies Team Lugano. The former Metropolitan Riveter attended training camp with PWHL New York as a free agent invite and ranks fourth in all-time PHF points with 96 in 112 games. Lonergan, a 26-year-old from Roslindale, MA, was acquired from Ottawa at the trade deadline. She was selected in the fourteenth round of the PWHL Draft but did not sign with the team. Kosta, a 31-year-old from Mississauga, ON, appeared in three of the team’s first seven games before being placed on the Reserve Player list.

Montréal has signed forwards Liliane Perreault and Brooke Stacey to Reserve Player contracts. Perreault, a 24-year-old from Hinsdale, IL, joins the team after competing in the SDHL with Frölunda HC. The 2023 graduate of Mercyhurst University attended training camp with Ottawa as a free agent invite and played in two scrimmages during the league’s preseason evaluation camp. Stacey, a 27-year-old from Kahnawake, QC, attended Montréal’s initial training camp. She spent the 2022-23 season as a member of the PHF’s Montréal Force where she scored nine points in 24 games. Montréal has also placed forward Ann-Sophie Bettez on Long Term Injured Reserve.

Ottawa has signed forwards Malia Schneider and Audrey-Ann Veillette to Reserve Player contracts. Schneider, a 25-year-old from Millarville, AB, returns to the team after competing in the SDHL with Brynäs IF. The second-year pro attended Ottawa’s training camp and competed in two scrimmages during the league’s preseason evaluation camp. She was originally on the team’s Reserve Player list until the end of December. Veillette, a 23-year-old from Drummondville, QC, was selected by the team in the fifteenth round of the PWHL Draft. The 2023 University of Montréal graduate was previously unable to compete due to injury. In a corresponding move, goaltender Samantha Ridgewell has been released from the team’s Reserve Player list.

Following the roster freeze, PWHL team rosters include 23 active players who have been signed to Standard Player Agreements, plus a maximum of three Reserve Player contracts. Players listed on a team’s Long Term Injured Reserve do not count towards either total.

PWHL Transactions Summary:

Dec. 31 – Lauren MacInnis (Ottawa, Reserve) – Replacing Taylor Davison.
Dec. 31 – Samantha Ridgewell (Ottawa, Reserve) – Replacing Malia Schneider.
Jan. 10 – Catherine Dubois (Montréal, 10-Day SPA)
Jan. 14 – Alexa Gruschow (New York, 1-Year SPA) – Jill Saulnier LTIR.
Jan. 24 – Abby Boreen (Minnesota, 10-Day SPA) – Amanda Leveille LTIR.
Jan. 27 – Catherine Dubois (Montréal, 10-Day SPA)
Jan. 31 – Emma Buckles (Ottawa, 1-Year SPA) – Tori Howran released.
Feb. 1 – Victoria Bach (Toronto, 2-Year SPA)
Feb. 1 – Jess Jones (Toronto, Reserve)
Feb. 11 – Abby Cook (Boston, Trade via Minnesota)
Feb. 11 – Susanna Tapani (Boston, Trade via Minnesota)
Feb. 11 – Sophie Jaques (Minnesota, Trade via Boston)
Feb. 14 – Lauren Bench (Minnesota, 1-Year SPA)
Feb. 14 – Nicole Kosta (Boston, Reserve)
Feb. 15 – Amanda Leveille (Minnesota, Activated from LTIR)
Feb. 16 – Alexa Gruschow (New York, Reserve) – Jill Saulnier activated from LTIR.
Feb. 16 – Samantha Isbell (Boston, 10-Day SPA)
Feb. 18 – Catherine Dubois (Montréal, 1-Year SPA) – Dominika Lásková LTIR.
Feb. 18 – Rosalie Demers (Ottawa, 1-Year SPA) – Mikyla Grant-Mentis released.
Feb. 25 – Abby Boreen (Minnesota, 10-Day SPA) – Taylor Heise LTIR.
Mar. 2 – Alexandra Poznikoff (Montréal, 1-Year SPA) – Kennedy Marchment LTIR
Mar. 2 – Mélodie Daoust (Montréal, 10-Day SPA)
Mar. 2 – Kristin Della Rovere (Ottawa, LTIR)
Mar. 3 – Lauren Bench (Minnesota, Reserve) – Taylor Heise activated from LTIR.
Mar. 5 – Sammy Davis (Ottawa, 1-Year SPA)
Mar. 10 – Samantha Isbell (Ottawa, 1-Year SPA) – Fanni Garát-Gasparics LTIR.
Mar. 10 – Mikyla Grant-Mentis (Montréal, Reserve)
Mar. 16 – Sydney Brodt (Minnesota, Activated from LTIR)
Mar. 16 – Mikyla Grant-Mentis (Montréal, 10-Day SPA)
Mar. 18 – Amanda Boulier (Montréal, Trade via Ottawa)
Mar. 18 – Tereza Vanišová (Ottawa, Trade via Montréal)
Mar. 18 – Lexie Adzija (Boston, Trade via Ottawa)
Mar. 18 – Shiann Darkangelo (Ottawa, Trade via Boston)
Mar. 18 – Caitrin Lonergan (Boston, Rights Traded via Ottawa)
Mar. 19 – Kelly Babstock (Boston, Reserve)
Mar. 19 – Caitrin Lonergan (Boston, Reserve)
Mar. 19 – Nicole Kosta (Boston, 10-Day SPA)
Mar. 19 – Ann-Sophie Bettez (Montréal, LTIR)
Mar. 19 – Liliane Perreault (Montréal, Reserve)
Mar. 19 – Brooke Stacey (Montréal, Reserve)
Mar. 19 – Malia Schneider (Ottawa, Reserve)
Mar. 19 – Audrey-Ann Veillette (Ottawa, Reserve) – Samantha Ridgewell released.

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