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By: PWHL Montréal Staff
January 31, 2024


“I am expecting a very high playing level.” – Marie-Philip Poulin


Just like their NHL counterparts, the stars of the PWHL will be converging to Toronto this week, where they will display their talents to the whole world.


Twenty-four players from the six PWHL teams have been separated into two teams that will face each other in a 3-on-3 game. If the PWHL regular season overtimes – also played three against three – are any indication of what to expect in Toronto, Thursday evening should be quite entertaining.


“I am expecting a very high level of play, because the level of our pride will be very high,” explained team captain Marie-Philip Poulin. “It will be fun, but also intense. All the players want to win.”


Playing against a teammate


Another interesting note about this game is that players will be facing off against current teammates.


Marie-Philip Poulin and Ann-Renée Desbiens, who will be playing on Billie-Jean King’s team, will face Laura Stacey and Erin Ambrose, who will represent Ilana Kloss’s squad.


Montreal’s goalie is at the same time relieved and nervous about that.


“Let’s just say that I am always happy to have Marie-Philip as a teammate. We will have fun, but we’ll also be looking to win,” said Desbiens.


“On the other hand, I would have preferred not to face Laura Stacey’s net drives, as she charges to net so quickly,” she added while laughing.


No added pressure


The game will start following a few NHL All-Star activities, including the player draft, which is slated to start at 6 pm. That means that the PWHL’s cream of the crop will play in front of the best NHL players.


Poulin does not think that players will be adding more pressure on themselves because of that.


“We (always) have to play our best. One thing is for sure—we will have fun,” explained the Beauceville native.