By: PWHL Toronto Media 

March 12, 2024 



Victoria Bach and Olivia Knowles may be opposites – one is a fast-skating forward with a deceptive shot, the other is a strong and composed defender – but they’ve had similar trajectories in their careers. From representing Canada at U18 World Championships, to leaving their homes in Canada for the NCAA and finding their grooves in previous leagues— now the PWHL Toronto players are here to share some fun facts and stories with you! 


Have you ever tried shooting on your off-hand? How did it go? 

Bach: I have tried shooting righty, and it was a funny scene! The stick handling aspect of playing with the opposite stick wasn’t that bad, but shooting was a challenge. It also felt weird skating with the opposite hand stick.  

Knowles: We did a game where we switched sticks during training camp, and it looked like we’d never played hockey before. We left a very unfortunate impression for bystanders watching who didn’t know! 


What is your favourite movie and why do you like it so much? 

Bach: Favourite movies [of] all time must be Cheaper by The Dozen series. I remember having them on repeat as a kid and I still get a good laugh from them.  

Knowles: I love a sports comedy! Blades of Glory, Happy Gilmore, Bench Warmers, Kicking and Screaming are all classics. 


What is your favourite pump-up song? 

Bach: I Am Here by Pink 

Knowles: Run This Town by Jay-Z and Rihanna and Piece of Me by Britney Spears are frequented in our dressing room. Beyoncé has never once failed me. 


What is your favourite hockey moment that is not your own/your teams’? 

Bach: Watching Team Canada win the Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games in 2002. 

Knowles: Two of my cousins won national championships, one with Denver University and one with University of Alberta. We’re all very close in age and grew up playing together. It has been really cool to follow their careers and watch their success. 


What is your favourite board game or video game? 

Bach: Monopoly Deal! 

Knowles: My family got really into cards, Yahtzee, and cribbage during Covid. We really liked 5 Crowns and Wizard specifically.