By: PWHL Ottawa Staff
January 30, 2024


You could almost say that Emily Clark is an NHL All-Star Weekend veteran. After all, she took part in last year’s festivities in South Florida.


The 28-year-old forward had a great time then. But she’s convinced that her second experience will be even more memorable.


“Last year, I took part in the Tendy Tandem Challenge. I don’t even know if that event will be back this year. Essentially, a goalie would attempt to shoot a puck from one end of the rink to the other. Depending on the accuracy of his shot, he would then face a one, two or three player breakaway. It was really good,” says Clark.


“It was a great individual opportunity for a few of us. I was there with Rebecca Johnston, with Alex Carpenter, with Sarah Nurse and with Hilary Knight. We were all glad to be there. This year will be even better, because the NHL offers us a unique opportunity to showcase the talent found in the six teams of our new league.”


This year, 24 of the world’s best players will have the chance to compete in the Canadian Tire PWHL 3-on-3 Showcase. This three-on-three competition will conclude NHL All-Star Thursday at Scotiabank Arena.


Brianne Jenner, Savannah Harmon and Emerance Maschmeyer will be the other Ottawa representatives.


Jenner, like Clark, is convinced that this year’s formula is the right one.


“Three-on-three hockey is always fun,” says the captain. “Three-on-three hockey is the perfect way to showcase our creativity. People who tune in to watch us are going to see a lot of great goals. At least, that’s what I hope, because we’ve got some really good goalies.”


Ottawa goaltender Emerance Maschmeyer isn’t one to back down from a challenge. “I think this three-on-three game is going to be a lot of fun,” she says. “Some people will tell you that it’s going to generate tons of great scoring chances. Me, I dare to believe that those scoring chances will create opportunities to make spectacular saves.”


Emily Clark is delighted to see the PWHL gaining new fans, week after week. “People like our speed. They like our skills. They realize we’re not afraid of physical play.”


Nevertheless, she appreciates the showcase provided by the NHL All-Star Weekend. The biggest stars in men’s hockey have shown great support for the new women’s professional circuit in recent months.


“In fact, I should say that NHL players have been supporting us for several years. When we launched our league, many of them wrote us kind words of encouragement on social networks. They know how hard we’ve worked to earn this opportunity. They’re happy for us. We’re very proud to be able to count on the respect of the best hockey players in the world. And they know it’s mutual,” Clark states.


Brianne Jenner, for her part, believes that “only good things can happen when the NHL and PWHL find ways to work together.”


“It’s a win-win situation.”