By: PWHL New York Staff
January 26, 2024

Exactly one month after securing the first-ever win in PWHL history, PWHL New York’s brightest stars will be back in Toronto shining light on the growth of the women’s game. Alex Carpenter, Abby Roque, and Ella Shelton were named as representatives for the Canadian Tire PWHL 3-on-3 Showcase taking place on NHL All-Star Thursday.

The 3-on-3 Showcase is set for February 1st at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. Twenty-four players from across the six PWHL teams will battle in a 20-minute game, bringing together the highest level of talent in women’s ice hockey. Each roster consists of 12 players, including 10 skaters and 2 goaltenders, and is named in honor of PWHL Advisory Board members Billie Jean King and Ilana Kloss.

New York defender, and member of Team King, Ella Shelton spoke on what a privilege it is to not only represent the PWHL, but the trailblazers who helped make the league possible, as well.

“The GOAT, especially for us. I think she (King) has been a huge voice and image for our league here today. To have that King name on our jersey, it’s a surreal moment. So full circle for us. I think she deserves to have a team and to be on that team is very heartwarming. I hope I just do it justice to be honest.”

While thankful for the opportunity to represent iconic women on the mainstage at NHL All-Star, Shelton is also getting used to the idea of competing against some of her New York teammates at the Showcase.

“I am not excited to be playing against Alex Carpenter. I get to play with her here in New York and when she’s my opponent it’s not too fun. I know how skilled she is and how much she brings to the game, so it won’t be any fun playing against her,” joked Shelton.

Alex Carpenter, a member of the US Women’s National Team and alternate captain for New York, is no stranger to the spotlight— and the NHL. Carpenter leads the PWHL in points and is top-5 in both assists and goals scored. Her father, Bobby, played in the NHL for 18 seasons and was named an NHL All-Star in 1985. Carpenter expressed her excitement for All-Star weekend and the collaboration between the two leagues.

“It’s super cool that we’re going to have an event at NHL All-Star, especially as a new league. I think it is great exposure for us and a great way to showcase our brand. It’s so cool to be playing with so many great players in this league and it’s an amazing opportunity for myself to be able to play with and against them.”

Carpenter’s teammate for Team Kloss, Abby Roque, reiterated the same sentiments regarding the partnership between the NHL and PWHL and the potential for growth for both leagues.

“I mean a long time coming, right? It’s where it needs to be, and this overlap of the NHL is huge for us. And having this give-and-take of men’s and women’s hockey highlighting what we both bring to the table is going to help grow both sports.”

Although Roque is grateful for the growth the PWHL has seen in the past month, she is also appreciative of how tight-knit its players are. Roque is a member of the US Women’s National Team but is thrilled to be playing with rivals who have turned into good friends.

“Obviously, I am honored to be named an all-star in any sense and to be able to play with all these amazing other hockey players in our league. I mean every person on this roster is such an incredible player and to be put with them is always an honor. A lot of the girls who are going are my friends. It’s such a cool experience I get to share it with my teammates from the past and present. It is exciting,” expressed Roque.

The PWHL’s brightest stars will be on full display NHL All-Star Thursday. Whether their jersey is Team Kloss or Team King, the goal remains the same: grow the women’s game.