Foundational markets emblazon limited edition designs

Canadian Tire Corporation shoulder patches don Canadian team jerseys


TORONTO, ON (November 14, 2023) – Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) teams will honor the league’s foundation with exclusive jersey designs for the inaugural season that distinctly feature the original six markets. Boston, Minnesota, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, and Toronto will identify PWHL teams on the ice with prominent diagonal inscriptions on sweater fronts when the puck drops in January.

“Our original six teams proudly represent some of North America’s most-passionate hockey markets,” said Stan Kasten, PWHL Advisory Board member. “As we build our foundation and grow together this inaugural season, it’s important that our markets be a focal point of our identity.”

PWHL Founding Partner, Canadian Tire Corporation, will have exclusive logo placement on shoulder patches of the league’s three Canadian teams.

Teams will open the inaugural season with two sets of jerseys, each with consistent color schemes that accentuate the lettered crests, numbers, and various patterns:

·       Boston: Forest Green, Grey, White.

·       Minnesota: Purple, Black, White.

·       Montreal: Burgundy, Storm, Sand.

·       New York: Turquoise, Navy Blue, White.

·       Ottawa: Red, Storm, White.

·       Toronto: Blue, Black, White.

Dark jerseys will be worn by teams on home ice this season, with visiting teams sporting their light color models.

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