League and team apparel available at beginning December 15 at 12:00 p.m. ET

TORONTO, ON (December 15, 2023) – The Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) is redefining women’s hockey and sports fandom through a new partnership with female-founded apparel company, Line Change, to bring fashion-forward looks to PWHL hockey fans in time for puck drop on the inaugural season. The league’s debut apparel collection will be available through The Official Online Shop of the PWHL at, launching December 15 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

“The partnership between the PWHL and Line Change means so much more than uniting two female-focused entities,” said Amy Scheer, PWHL Senior Vice President of Business Operations. “It’s not just hockey, and it’s not just apparel. It’s about a moment in time when women in sport are being recognized in a way like never before, and about creating a product – either on the ice or in clothing – that sends the message to women everywhere that they belong here.”

Line Change is an apparel brand started by two hockey wives, Angela Price and Julie Petry, derived from a need for a better assortment of clothing in team stores for the female sports fan. Given its established traction across hockey leagues like the NHL, AHL and CHL, paired with its purpose of designing clothing with unparalleled quality, style, and comfort, partnering with Line Change was a natural fit for the PWHL.

“We could not be more excited to finally announce our partnership with the PWHL,” said Julie Petry, co-founder of Line Change.

“Both of our organizations were born out of a need for more options for females; options that previously did not exist but were always possible,” continued Angela Price, co-founder of Line Change.

“It’s synergistic to be able to work with a league who is taking a lead at helping females in hockey see just how much is possible, and we feel like that messaging is perfectly aligned with what we’re trying to achieve over here at Line Change as well, but within the vein of sports fan apparel,” added Petry. “We are hopeful this collection with the PWHL is just the beginning of a partnership that is going to grow into much more within the whole PWHL fan base and all of the respective team cities!”

Line Change’s eight-piece collection for the PWHL and seven-piece collection for each of the league’s six teams will include company best sellers: The Hockey Hoodie, The Crewneck, The Boxy Crop, The City Toque / Beanie, The Longsleeve, The Oversized Tee, and The City Cap.

The exclusive PWHL collection of Line Change apparel will be sold online at, with select items sold in-venue during league games. Fans will also be able to purchase replica PWHL team jerseys and collectibles with the launch of the league’s Official Online Shop. New inventory will be regularly added throughout the season, with shipping options offered throughout Canada and the United States.

Fans can sign up to receive the most updated ticket information by subscribing to the PWHL e-newsletter at this link, and stay connected to the PWHL through the league’s new website at Follow the league on all social media platforms @thepwhlofficial plus all six team accounts @pwhl_boston, @pwhl_minnesota, @pwhl_montreal, @pwhl_newyork, @pwhl_ottawa, and @pwhl_toronto.

About Line Change

Line Change by Angela Price & Julie Petry is a clothing brand that is designed purposefully for those who want to show support for their favorite teams in style. Having spent many of their initial years as hockey wives looking for anything but a pink bedazzled t-shirt to rep their husbands’ team and coming up short, they decided to design their own line of clothing that the female sports fan would be proud to wear anywhere from the comfort of their home to the post-game celebrations. In the spirit of bringing the hockey family philosophy to every facet of their business, they donate a portion of the proceeds from each team’s collection to that team’s respective charity.

Line Change not only redefines fan wear across the board, but also shows the solidarity between our league-wide hockey family and how much they care about their communities.

You can learn more about Line Change at or on social @linechangeco