A Letter from Jayna Hefford

To our fans,

Today is the day we look ahead to a phenomenal future for women’s hockey. Today, our sport begins a new journey, and we’re incredibly proud to have you with us, because we’re here, in large part, thanks to you.

We were brought to this day by every early-morning practice; every game played, attended and debated; every team sweater worn and skate laced. Everything and every one of you who played a role in our game to this point has provided the opportunity to shape women’s hockey going forward.

From so many rinks in so many cities, all frozen hockey roads have led us here, to this important moment — the launch of the Professional Women’s Hockey League. For years, we had hoped for and dreamed of something this special, with the best women’s players in the world playing the best sport in the world for the best fans in the world.

On this journey, our players will re-set the bar for greatness and will lift our game to greater heights. They will compete for their teammates — and for you. They will inspire the next generation of players, and they will work to continue the advancement of possibilities in our society for confident, powerful, athletic women.

The PWHL will endeavor, every day, to earn your support — support that is essential to the enduring growth of our game and our movement. We will serve our sport to the utmost. Our commitment to our craft will be relentless and without compromise.

We have never seen more excitement with, or demand for, women’s sports, and I am honored to play a role in the furtherance of that momentum. There are goals to be scored — and achieved. We can’t do either without you.

A new era dawns for women’s hockey. The PWHL is going to make history. I hope you will join me in embracing this transformational moment.

Yours in hockey,
Jayna Hefford
SVP, Hockey Operations