By: PWHL Toronto Media
February 18, 2024


Brittany Howard and Kaitlin Willoughby are no strangers to high-stake games! We sat down with the two forwards ahead of Battle on Bay Street.


Hailing from St. Thomas, ON, Howard, who graduated from Robert Morris University in 2018, was a cornerstone in the 2022-23 Isobel Cup Championship (Toronto Six, PHF), the final time the trophy was awarded. Willoughby, a star for the University of Saskatchewan from 2013-18, was also part of a final championship when she helped raise the Clarkson Cup in 2018-19 (Calgary Inferno, CWHL). Now, they are working together towards the goal of securing the first PWHL Championship.  


Who was your favourite player growing up and why? 

Howard: Sidney Crosby was, and still is, my favourite hockey player! His professionalism and passion for the game are what stand out to me.  

Willoughby: Hayley Wickenheiser- I remember watching Team Canada play and she stood out to me, plus she’s also Saskatchewan born so she was an idol for me growing up. 


What’s your favourite memory of the season so far? 

Howard: The inaugural PWHL game at Mattamy Athletic Centre is one of my favourite memories from this season. When Billie Jean King, an iconic figure in the world of sports, dropped the puck it added a layer of prestige to such a significant event in women’s hockey. It was an incredible moment to be a part of and a highlight of not only this season, but my career! 

Willoughby: Stepping onto the ice for our first game of the season with a sold out crowd. It was incredible seeing the support we have gotten right from the start of this season. It has been many years of playing with a small amount of fans, so this moment felt extra special to me. 


What was your favourite childhood TV show?  

Howard: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was one of my favourite childhood tv shows. Being a twin myself, I could relate to the constant chaos that occurred throughout the series. 

Willoughby: I didn’t watch much TV growing up, but SpongeBob SquarePants was probably my favourite. 


Do you have any superstitions when preparing for a game? 

Howard: My bandana has become a consistent accessory I have worn throughout my career. It has evolved into a personal ritual. I continue to wear it during every practice and game. 

Willoughby: I just have to get my Spikeball game in before off-ice warmup, preferably a win! 


What is your favourite thing about Toronto (could be a thing, place, atmosphere etc.)? 

Howard: I love the CN Tower! Growing up playing in tournaments across the GTA, the first thing my siblings and I would do when getting into our hotel room was to check if we could catch a glimpse of the CN Tower from our window. 

Willoughby: I love my morning walk with my dog near the shore and being able to see the downtown skyline. I love the CN Tower, so any spot with a view of the tower is!